So, we have two giant Labradors- they’re adorable, but they are 200lbs of dog who eat 30lbs of dog food a week, and put out quite a bit of dog doo in our yard. We tried composting it traditionally (above ground in a mesh-type composter) but we needed it to decompose faster. You can buy commercial kits, but we were unable to find anything as big as we were hoping for (we made a 30-gallon bin) and the 10-gallon systems are easily $50-60+ online. Onto the interwebs for inspiration, and a Saturday project later, we have a working doggy doo waste bin for about $41.

To do this project we used a large heavy-duty plastic garbage bin with lid, some rocks (we bought a bag of river rock), and some septic tank bacteria solution.

1) First, we cleared an area where we wanted the doggy doo bin, at least ten feet away from the vegetable garden. We chose an area under some bushes where it wasn’t easily visible, but still right near the yard for easy waste disposal.

2) Marmot dug a hole, deep and wide enough that the garbage bin can sit in it, but not so deep that we can’t still get the lid on.

2) We  cut the bottom out of the garbage bin, although you can always drill holes in the bottom too.

3) We put the bin in the hole, and packed the dirt around it, building up towards the top.

4) Poured the rock into the bottom.

5) And then added doggy doo! I’ll spare you a picture of that, and highlight one of our adorable doggy doo suppliers instead. :-)

6) Last step was adding some septic tank bacteria solution, which we’ll do about once a month. The bottle we bought is enough for a 500-gallon septic tank, so with a 30-gallon bin we’re thinking the bottle should last over a year.

And ta-da, we have a great doggy doo composter that will allow the doggy doo to degrade and be absorbed back into the soil!

With the heavy-duty garbage bin ($31.99), river rock ($2.59), and septic treatment solution ($6.99), our total was $41.57.

posted on August 13, 2011 in frugality, house, pets
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  • Lil' Woman

    That’s icky but yet quite awesome!
    Lil’ Woman recently posted..A Wedding Wednesday…

  • Teresa

    Great job!! We are looking into composting, but we live in a townhouse with strict rules. Still looking for something they approve of! I’ll tell my parents about yours though because they have two super cute Corgis who doo all over their yard. This would be perfect for them!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Candice

    I didn’t even know such a thing was possible. Gross, but seriously way cool.
    Candice recently posted..The best fun mixed with the hardest moments

  • Kaitlin (ahmymarriedlife)

    That would be really convenient if we could do that! We’ve got a lot of dog poo too!

    PS! I’d like to talk to you soon about switching to WP. How much did it cost you? I’m thinking about trying to do it myself.
    Kaitlin (ahmymarriedlife) recently posted..eShakt​i Coupon Code

  • tabitha

    that is so cool!!!

    interested to see how it works
    i’m very impressed!
    tabitha recently posted..Cell phone pics caught up

  • Thailande

    Thank goodness some bloggers can write. Thanks for this read!!!

  • Holly

    Can I ask, how big was your bag of river rock, where did you buy it, and where did you buy the septic solution? Also, do you have to add water to your”tank” for it to work properly? TIA!!

    • Honey B.

      The river rock was a smallish bag, so no more than like 3 ice cream pails of river rock? And we got the septic solution at Home Depot! We add water once a month or so (pretty much whenever we remember) and the septic solution every spring. We’re two years in and its never gotten more than 1/3 full!

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