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  • Husband announces that he will be starting the Couch to 5K program, and downloads an app.
  • Not to be outdone, you also announce that you will starting the Couch to 5K program and be kicking his ass.
  • Spend two hours evaluating C25K apps on iTunes.
  • Buy Get Running for $1.99 and position on the front page of your iPhone.
  • Spend $10.32 on new music for your Tunes to Run By playlist.
  • Come home from work and eat a bowl of sesame chicken and fried rice.
  • Get online and research new shoes, workout gear, and headphones.
  • Pin some fitness motivation quotes on Pinterest.
  • Look for headphones in work bag, purse, junk drawer, and bedside table. Give up and steal husband’s headphones.
  • Go downstairs looking for tennis shoes- find them in the basement in the Goodwill box.
  • Put on workout pants, which were worn as pajamas the night before.
  • Unfold treadmill from storage position in master bedroom, dust it thoroughly.
  • Attempt to plug it in, and then go back to the junk drawer for the three-prong to two-prong adapter.
  • All the upstairs-downstairs routine has necessitated a trip to the bathroom to clear ones GI system.
  • Lay on the bed to recover from bathroom trip and read half of a Shape magazine.
  • Finally get on the damn treadmill, and complete Week 1 Run 1 of C25K.
  • Brag about accomplishment in Facebook status update.
  • Add running to Facebook hobbies.
  • Husband comes home from work, gets into pajamas and eats chips and salsa on the couch. He says he’ll start C25K tomorrow.
Total Financial Investment: $11.31
Total Time Investment: 4.5 hours
Total Calories Burned: 154
posted on October 19, 2011 in fitness
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