I’m 31 years old, and Queen B. is *cough*slightly-older*cough* and we feel like we’ve had well-rounded lives. And I’m not just talking about our weight problems.  We have learned a lot of things – and one of the best parts of the Internet is the ability to learn from others mistakes (see, Pinterest Fail). So we would like to present to you, the Things We Have Learned Series.

Today’s Learning Moment: Respect the Power of Bengay

After a particularly enthusiastic exercise session (ok fine, trying on yoga clothes) I had pulled a muscle in my lower back. But luckily, we had a tube of Bengay in the medicine cabinet leftover from my Couch to 5K attempt, so I had Marmot slather it on my lower back and the tingle ensued. How nice, my back relaxed and I slept like a baby. Fast forward to the next morning, I was late for work and hustling when I realized that my back was heating up. And sweating. And the heat had reactivated the Bengay which was being transported by the sweat, right down my asscrack.

Lesson Learned: Bengay + Sweating = Asscrack on Fire. Respect the Bengay.

posted on November 6, 2013 in things we have learned
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