About the B’s

Welcome to the Honey B. blog!

I’m Honey B., and I’m married to Marmot (a Southern boy) and we live in the northern US, which we lovingly called the Godforsaken Arctic Tundra. I’m a nurse, and we live in a cute little house with an intelligence-challenged labrador and an obese cat with a personality disorder.

Honey B. and Marmot

Queen B. is my mother, and she’s married to my Dad, AKA Left Brain. She raised four daughters (Nelly, Honey (me!), Apple, and Ginger) as a cloth-diapering, organic-granola-eating, homeschooling, genuine Earth-mama. And she has a killer sense of humor to boot.

Left Brain and Queen B.

I started this blog about the Baby Bucket List – all the things Marmot and I wanted to do before we have a baby – and it turned into the writings between me and Queen B. We blog (with a lot of snark) about weight loss, being married, food, going organic, babies/children, and each other. If any post of ours has made you laugh (and we’re easy, even a small snort will do) we consider ourselves a success.

Thanks for visiting! :-)