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I mean geez, our last post was in August. But we’ve got lots of exciting things to share with you!! Yep, lots of exciting things. I mean just tons of great things, really. SO many things.

Ok, not a damn thing in the exciting category. Has anything changed in the last five months? Well lets see.

  • Honey B. still not pregnant? Check.
  • Queen B. and Honey B. still fat? Double check (one for each chin).
  • Still griping at Marmot and Left Brain for the same old things? Ok I hate this depressing game.

But in other news, here are the only mildly exciting things that have happened in our five month hiatus:

  • Queen B. has moved just around the corner from my house. Or as Marmot says, one dysfunctional block away. We love it! Brewer and I walk down there to visit ‘Gramma’ (oh, she loves it when he calls her that) and we drink tea and gripe about our husbands.
  • Marmot and I crossed a couple more Baby Bucket List items – we paid off credit card #2 and had an amazing trip to Europe this fall.
  • And kind of a light pencil line through another BBL item – while I’m not at my ideal weight, I’m almost 50lbs lighter which is definitely a better weight than where I was! I still have another 50lbs to go, but I’m at least at the halfway point – I’ll take it.
  • We’ve started a more serious approach to blogging, with some other ventures (to be disclosed in future) in process. And by more serious, that really just means that we bring notebooks to the aforementioned gripe sessions.
  • Below is proof that we’re alive – taken in a name-since-forgotten piazza in Rome. :-)


But long story short, we’re back! And we can’t wait to tell you about our new (brilliant) ideas… :-)

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Many pounds years ago, I did yoga. It was at the Y and probably more like Yoga Lite, but it was a nice workout and I only farted once.  I put Building Up the Yoga Habit on the Baby Bucket List.

(I’m down to three things left on the Baby Bucket List – the other two were Reach a Good Weight and Go to Europe – and I don’t want to be the only fat-ass in Europe, so Yoga was it.)

The first thing I needed was a partner – so the next time Queen B. came over, I told her she had a fat ass and I had the cure – yoga. It would be quick and effortless, she’s a sucker for quick and effortless.

HB: Ok, the Y has yoga and we’re going. Do you have sweatpants?

QB: I don’t wear sweatpants, it makes my ass look fat. 

HB: Your ass is already fat, but yoga will help. Let’s shop. 

So we immediately sat down on the couch, pulled out the laptop and did some online shopping. Hello Old Navy yoga pants (we’re on a budget). Three days and $100 later (budget my ass), we have a lovely package from Old Navy bearing eight items of yogawear. We were so excited that we started stripping down in the kitchen to try everything on.

QB: *holding up a tank top* This is tiny, did you order children’s wear?

HB: Its yogawear, its supposed to be tight – and its Spandex so it will stretch – and Old Navy runs big, its fine.

QB:  *halfway into the tank top* Was this made in China by very little Chinese people? Because this would only fit a tiny Chinese woman. 

HB: Yeah Mom, thats why we wear 2X, it means the size of two Chinese ladies whose names start with X. Xing and Xiong.

QB: They need to make this stuff bigger. Obviously if you’re doing yoga its because you’re fat. Skinny people don’t need yoga, and if they show up at yoga in clothes that fit, they’re just showing off. Its like a self-esteem class for them. 

HB: Quit acting like you’ve ever been to a yoga class. You don’t even know how to spell yoga.

Since we were in the kitchen, there were no mirrors – so we pour ourselves  into our first ensembles, electric coral racerback tank top and yoga capris, then turn around to model to each other. And great, one of the pants can’t be returned now because SOMEONE laughed too hard and wet her pants.

QB: Your thighs look like a couple of homemade bratwurst in those pants. 

HB: What is that coming out of the back of your racerback tank top – OMG Mom, you have C cups, facing backwards. 

There's been a security breach at Las Camisas!

HB: Mom! You’re not supposed to wear your bra, it has a bra in it!

QB: Its so small it wouldn’t support one boob of mine, get this thing off me, I can’t breathe! Pull on it, quick – but not too hard, the seams are Chinese, they’re not made for this kind of tension!

Ok, next ensemble – electric green v-neck workout shirt and black yoga pants (because black is slimming).

QB: Oh Honey, did you know that those pants had Old Navy stamped on the ass? It looks like a billboard!

Free Billboard Advertising

HB: Oh shut up, your upper arm fat is eating your cap sleeves. 

Queen B. started digging through the bag, “Isn’t there anything larger than 2T in this bag? We need some woman clothes, do they have yoga burqas?”

We put on the least offensive of the purchases, and decide to try out some yoga moves.

Yoga Pose: Downward Facing Dog (or Dropped Donut Under Couch)

QB: We have to do this here, because if this Chinese spandex is going to let loose, it should be in the privacy of home. 

HB: Agreed. No one should witness this. 

Yoga Pose: Warrior Pose (or Will Fight For Food)

QB: We are going to rock this yogi class thing!

HB: Mom, its yoga, not yogi! Next time take your socks off. 

Next Up: Yoga Class! Stay tuned…


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With a solid one-two punch, two more items are being CROSSED OFF the baby bucket list…within an 8 day stretch, my handsome husband Marmot finished his MBA and I started my first term of graduate school!

It amazes me that when I first started this blog, neither of us had really even talked about going back to school. I have to admit, when I made this list it was with a pie in the sky mindset- I really didn’t actually thought we would accomplish this much!

A couple more heavy hitter items on the list (trip to Europe anyone?) but I feel like wow, we’ve come this far!


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And we have another item to cross off the Baby Bucket List!

We bought a new vehicle. After three years of being having just one vehicle, while we still have one vehicle, we have upgraded. We traded in Marmot’s single cab stick shift Toyota Tacoma for a Ford F150 that has leather interior, butt warmers, and extended cab so the dogs can ride with us. And yes, those were my three requirements for a new vehicle. :-)

Its one more item being crossed off the list. Can I just say that the pace that the items are flying off the list is a little shocking to me?? And we’re just picking up steam, we’ll have three more to cross off in the next three months…wow!

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We have a momentous day in the B. household, another item to be crossed off the Baby Bucket List! We paid off one of our two credit cards- woo hoo! This was definitely Credit Card Jr. and dealing with Credit Card Sr. is going to be an uglier fight, but we’ve got a plan and I’m hoping we will have done some serious damage (if not taken it out completely) by the end of year.

We just keep ticking them off the list…we might get this list done yet!

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Did anyone elses Mom say that, or just mine?

TTC has been ok, I got through the two week wait fine, although I think getting my period is all the more depressing when I’ve done six days in a row of negative pregnancy tests. But that’s really fine, its just the rest of my life that’s going crazy! Reorganization with work, graduating from school in less than two months, and some work travel coming up…pretty much the TTC is putting me over the edge!

Because of my straight up bitchiness current stress level Marmot and I talked about it at length this weekend, and decided we’re going to take a break from TTC for a month or two. Time to let me chill out and get through the reorganization at work and graduate from school. The way things are right now are rough and I know there is always stress, and it will never be a perfect time, I really am at the point where I need to back off of something in life, and TTC is the easiest to go.

I’m trying to be positive. Be excited and work on managing the rest of my stress.

Looking back at the Facebook posts made me realize that the one thing I dislike about my life is entirely within my control, and I can’t say that I’ve done anything about it other than ignore it. What is wrong with me?! So I’m hoping to take the time off to lose weight. Crazy when I just said I wanted to de-stress, but this has been on my mind so much while TTC.

Its really hard to look at the Baby Bucket List and see the Get to a Good Weight item not crossed off. It was one of the most important items on there, the one I wanted the most of all of them. Which has made TTC hard because I look in the mirror and cringe. I know that I’ll never look in the mirrow and be perfectly happy, but maybe if I get a few pounds off I won’t look in the mirror and get teary!

Last night on What Not to Wear, the victim was a woman who had ‘taken ownership of her life’ and quit drinking, lost weight, and started spending more time with her kids. I was totally impressed, and loved how she put it- taking ownership of her life. I looked at Marmot and said I need to take ownership of my weight.

He nodded his head and said ‘That’s good sweetie.’ (He’s invested. lol)

Take ownership of my weight. Destress. And start the TTC thing again in a month or two.

So yeah, that’s the plan. But who is Stan?

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Try. What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it?

Something we wanted to try in 2010 was to have a baby! But that is probably not at ALL what they had in mind with this question. But regardless, we decided to wait until a few more items were crossed off the Baby Bucket List, so now we’re crossing our fingers that 2011 is the year! Although the responsibility hits me every once in awhile…at one point during our two week wait, I emailed Marmot to say “The enormity of what we have done, and the reality that it cannot be undone, is weighing on my mind today” to which he replied “Geez, its not like we robbed a bank!” lol

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So the potential plan of TTC in December or January has put me into a little bit of a babies-rabies/panic/overdrive. And like every good Type A planning freak, as soon as I felt the need to research and obsess, I went to Amazon. And here’s what I’ve found so far:

I just finished The Big Book of Birth, and I was impressed. Like way impressed. I had anticipated some hostility towards one side or the other, but this was very objective, written very fairly. Furthermore, the writing was done in the most friendly and non-intimidating way possible. I assumed that as a nurse (that did quite well in OB actually) that I’d prefer a more textbook tone in birth books. Way wrong! And she was funny too. After reading the book, I felt like I had been able to dispel a lot of the fear I’ve always had about labor and birth, and I’m actually starting to look forward to it, if thats possible? I don’t think I could recommend this book any higher.

Earlier this year, I went through Naturally Knocked Up’s fertility e-course, another pre-pregnancy recommendation that was quite simply, excellent. I am my (crunchy) Mother’s daughter, and I really wanted to learn about getting my body ready, beyond the What to Expect Before You’re Expecting book which is much like its predecessor, and had me worrying a lot about pretty much everything. The course was laid out nicely, the topics were excellent, it had a forum for participants to discuss the week’s content, and worksheets, links, and resources on each weeks topic. Look into it!

Prenatal vitamins are quite the racket. I spent no less than five hours researching the best prenatal vitamins that met the recommendations for what the vitamin provides, and also spent at least an hour researching DHA supplements (which apparently will turn your child into a genius). The vitamins that were prenatal and DHA didn’t have quite the recommended amounts of either, one of the better prenatals had concerns about the use of bean sprouts, the next best required taking two pills three times a day (gag) and the ones I’ve been taking for the past year expire in three weeks. And just in case anyone reading is in the market, the verdict of all my research is: Rainbow Light Prenatal One vitamins and Expecta Lipil non-fish DHA supplements. And the Bellybar chewable prenatals although I find chewable aftertaste to be slightly gack, nothing like Flintstones.

I’ve got a few more books in my Amazon cart, and another few stashed on my Kindle: the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.

Are there any you would recommend land in my Amazon cart?

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I have to say, its been a looooong time since I’ve been awake on this side of midnight. Voluntarily. But I’m taking it as a good sign! We’ve been through a lot in the past month, I haven’t been able to stay awake to even see midnight, let alone stay up past it.

*School trudged on during all the insanity that was October, and would have been uneventful (wouldn’t I have loved uneventful!) until a classmate tried to slide a little plagiarized content into a group project. And then was snarky about my attitude when I called her out on it. This is not like a just-out-of-high-school kid, this is an adult. And the best part? The class was Health Care Law and Ethics. *facepalm*

*We have six items that will be crossed off the Baby Bucket List in the next six months. And the rest are the fantasy-land items, like a trip to Europe. Marmot has always said he’d like a fall/winter baby, and I’ve always teased my bosses that I’d love a maternity leave that goes over Thanksgiving and New Years…so starting to try in December or January could be on the radar. WOW. December is only three weeks away?!

*And with the beginning of the first potential TTC cycle is only 29 days away, I’ve been feeling like a student behind on homework. So out come the books I’ve been hoarding/hiding for the last year, and the homework is getting caught up! More on that to come…

*But the potential shopping to prepare for a baby? That outrightly freaks me the hell out. And yet Marmot, the official Financial Freak in our house, just says ‘We’ll be fine Honey…we’ll be fine!’ Who is this man, and what has he done with my husband?!

*Last but not least, the Honey B. blog is going to have a makeover coming up soon…stay tuned for the reveal!

And I’m off to bed…hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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The item with the biggest lack of progress on the Baby Bucket List is, sadly, my weight. This has been an issue for me, in one way or another, for over a decade! After a depressing look over my weight fluctuations and what my successes and failures have been, I decided its time to bring in the big guns. I talked to my primary care doctor, and she gave me a referral to the Department of Endocrinology. Not just for thyroid issues, Endocrinology (at least in our health system) also acts as a primary care for weight related issues.

So, I have my own Dr. H! I met with him last week, and we worked out a weight loss plan for me. He went over my weight loss history, and said that I actually do really well when I try to lose weight, and we just need to see how to keep it going. It fits in with my ongoing joke that I probably have a killer metabolism, and this is just the best its been able to do to keep up! I’m getting labs and a metabolism test to see if that is indeed the case.

My Dr. H’s philosophy is that there are five rungs in the weight loss ladder- food modification, physical activity, psychological counseling, medication, and bariatric surgery. Based on my history, he felt comfortable getting me started on four rungs!

Food Modification: I’m meeting with a dietician, Rose, once a month to look at broadened food choices, my food journal, awareness of hunger signals, and awareness of full signals. During my first visit, she went over some of the things like eating until fullness, and she said “I’m telling you the simple things not because I think you don’t know these things, but because they are simple enough to start right now.” I’ll meet with Rose once a month to check my progress. The cool thing is that Rose also works in OB for nutrition during pregnancy, so she can follow me all the way through the initial weight loss stage, but then even after I do get pregnant!

Physical Activity: Dr. H said he wants me to do an hour a day, 4 days a week. He doesn’t care what I do, as long as it raises my heartrate.  He doesn’t recommend anything specific because one persons perfect activity as another person’s torture. Find something I can tolerate, and do it. The company gym does have trainers for periodic visits, but he said becoming a gym rat isn’t the goal and he’d prefer I find something I can do without a gym.

Psychological Counseling: Due to my eating disorder history and the fact that I slip into some of those patterns pretty quickly, I get to see a psychologist once a week. I figure if I run out of food and weight stuff to talk about, I can just talk about my Mom! {Just kidding Mom!}

Medication: I went on Xenical (the prescription form of Alli) years ago, and dang near shit my pants after eating sweet and sour shrimp in San Francisco. Due to my past experience, I was a little leary when he mentioned medication- however, Meridia sounded reasonable to me. It was originally an anti-depressant but didn’t actually make anyone feel better- but they saw appetite suppression, everyone lost weight! While for some it does have some anti-depressant capabilities (fingers crossed- hah!), Dr. H said that he’s seen good successes with it as a weight-loss tool. He also said that the concerns about cardiac issues have been shown to be minimal in someone without cardiac history, although I am to monitor my blood pressure twice weekly. So I filled my prescription, and started it yesterday! {Update just on Meridia coming in the next few days, but let me just say, I’m calling it a pharmaceutical gastric bypass!}

I will see Dr. H every three months to check progress and get repeat labs, and modify my plan as needed. Although sometimes I think this is overkill, I also see that what I’ve done on my own simply hasn’t worked! I’m hoping the increased accountability and the medication will give me the kick in the ass I’ve needed! I’ve logged my starting weight, blood pressure, and measurements. Stay tuned!

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