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I mean geez, our last post was in August. But we’ve got lots of exciting things to share with you!! Yep, lots of exciting things. I mean just tons of great things, really. SO many things.

Ok, not a damn thing in the exciting category. Has anything changed in the last five months? Well lets see.

  • Honey B. still not pregnant? Check.
  • Queen B. and Honey B. still fat? Double check (one for each chin).
  • Still griping at Marmot and Left Brain for the same old things? Ok I hate this depressing game.

But in other news, here are the only mildly exciting things that have happened in our five month hiatus:

  • Queen B. has moved just around the corner from my house. Or as Marmot says, one dysfunctional block away. We love it! Brewer and I walk down there to visit ‘Gramma’ (oh, she loves it when he calls her that) and we drink tea and gripe about our husbands.
  • Marmot and I crossed a couple more Baby Bucket List items – we paid off credit card #2 and had an amazing trip to Europe this fall.
  • And kind of a light pencil line through another BBL item – while I’m not at my ideal weight, I’m almost 50lbs lighter which is definitely a better weight than where I was! I still have another 50lbs to go, but I’m at least at the halfway point – I’ll take it.
  • We’ve started a more serious approach to blogging, with some other ventures (to be disclosed in future) in process. And by more serious, that really just means that we bring notebooks to the aforementioned gripe sessions.
  • Below is proof that we’re alive – taken in a name-since-forgotten piazza in Rome. :-)


But long story short, we’re back! And we can’t wait to tell you about our new (brilliant) ideas… :-)

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So you want to hear something funny? I gave the link of my blog to my boss today. She’s very cool, although admittedly its possible she thinks I’m funny just because she’s new. I’ve talked about blog posts before though- although now that I think about it, it was more about the intellectual ones that I put on other sites than the dorky ones…oh man, did I tell her I don’t post anything intellectual on this blog?!

The whole thing does lead to some philosophical issues.

The first is, I probably should have prefaced this giving of the URL with a solemn vow that nothing she sees here should be reflected in her opinions of me or my yearly performance evals. (Note to Self: remove the Bathroom Disaster post).

The second issue is, should I tell Queen B. that my boss might read the blog? (Second Note to Self: remove the Fertilitea post) If I do, there is a good chance she’ll make me cancel the upcoming post I have about what sex is really like after marriage.

But wait a second. This is an anonymous blog. She can’t prove who I am. (Third Note to Self: remove Sisters posts with picture of my sisters and I posing in the fountain in the park). I have plausible deniability! Well then, on we go!

Sex posts coming up, stay tuned! And welcome to the blog dear Boss, I hope you can keep a straight face at work now if I ever have to talk to someone about professionalism! :-D

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Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

When I started blogging about my Baby Bucket List, I immediately found the community of Mommy Bloggers and got involved with that community. A lot of caring, snarking, sharing, and supporting- I think Mommy blogging is one of the best parts of the blogging world.

So in 2011, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with community- I love the Mommy Bloggers and treasure their friendship and support, ESPECIALLY as I get ready to try my hand at mommyhood…but I want to expand my horizons, with my writing as a blogging focus. So more writing, in addition to what I love about the Mommy blogging community. And I know that means dipping my toes into a new blogging community. It makes me nervous, because I know Mommy blogging and I’m comfortable here. But growth is never comfortable, and a writing community will be an addition to (not replacement of) Mommy blogging. So here’s to blogging growth!

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…what I secretly think about Stay at Home Mom’s.

But its over at Our Mommyhood, head over there to get the scoop!

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Negativity on the blogosphere. And the Mommy Huns.

I think I might go the non-snark route from here on out. But will I survive?

More on the topic ver at Our Mommyhood today, check it out… :-)

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Not posting here today, but I’m writing over at OurMommyhood – come check it out!

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It has been a long time since I’ve posted. But its been a busy long time! We got moved to WordPress, moved to a new house, got the wonky feed issues worked out, the entire house was painted, and we’re back in business!

Here is what has been going on in the meantime…

  • I am in the midst of the worst case of baby fever, ever. Like epic. Baby fever to the point that YouTube videos of women having a natural labor has not brought the fever down.
  • But my office upstairs is painted a shade of blue that would look gorgeous as a nursery.
  • Marmot says could we please just have the guest bedroom not be neck-high in boxes before we start thinking nursery?
  • Even though the guest bedroom is a disaster, the house overall has undergone a HUGE transformation. I’m working on the photo album right now, and OMG its amazing.
  • The best transformation is the living room with a gorgeous Persian rug that looks like it was made for my living room- and a steal at $200 for a $1500 rug. I heart Craigslist with big BIG hearts.
  • And speaking of good deals, the couches that were left in the house are awesome- we’re using them in our formal living room. I have learned that while I do have some pride, I have more cheap.
  • Brewer (the new dog) uses said couches as his own personal House of Bounce, which I am still trying to catch on video.
  • Max and Snooty Kitty are SO not amused by Brewer.
  • Speaking of not amused, Marmot invited his entire family (four adults, one toddler) to come stay with us the last week of October.
  • Yes, that would be all of us sharing the one bathroom with a shower.
  • And since we lived like college students before moving here, we have to buy two more beds or the guests are sleeping on Brewer’s House of Bounce couches.
  • But if we have a baby, couches used as House of Bounce is only the beginning right?
  • Oh the baby fever rages on…

So what have you been upto these last few weeks??

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I’m discussing the topic on Our Mommyhood today!

So head over there, and tell me what you really think! Or if you’re not an anonymous blogger, what you’re ok with your mother-in-law knowing you think… ;-)

Oh there are SO many reasons why I blog anonymously…lol

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Because I can rant.

And today’s rant is about Mom Prejudice.

A status today on FB was a college friend asking for support as they were putting their daughter in a big girl bed and taking away her paci…only a mom could understand, but its a rough night at the X household…would love some encouraging words from moms out there!

At the risk of sounding like a whiner…why can’t I understand?! And why can’t I offer some stinkin support?!?! I may not be a mom, but I’m not stupid. I can understand that it must be heartwrenching to see your child upset. And even though you’re trying to do whats best, your child is miserable which must be agonizing. I understand that! But nooooo, I’m not a mom so I couldn’t possibly have anything to say!

Which irritates the crap out of me, because she’s practically saying that I have nothing to offer to someone who has kids simply because I don’t have any. And I swear this is the ONLY place where that happens in normal society. I’ve never had a heart attack either, but I’m not precluded from giving well wishes or encouragement just because I haven’t had one!

I totally get that until I have my own kids, I really don’t have the depth of understanding that someone who has kids would.

But I still think that next time she complains on FB about something stupid, like an earache, I’m going to tell her that I would offer support but as I have never had an earache, I’ll refrain. HAH!

Ok, I feel better now. lol

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It makes me sad when a way cool blogger that I loved to read has a baby, and then the blog turns into 100% baby pictures.

After about six months of nothing but baby pictures-  truly, not a single non-baby post-  I just deleted two blogs from my Google Reader.


That’s all.

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