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Umm yah, I omitted another weight loss win…hello, what is wrong with me? In the five months we’ve been gone – Queen B. has lost a cool 25lbs, and maintained it.

We are going to be so smoking hot – before too long, Queen B’s gas trail on our header is going to have to be changed to flames. Seriously.

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QB: So, speaking of shit we shouldn’t have bought – lets talk about memberships.

HB: Or as we like to call them, Our Philanthropic Endeavors, supporting skinny people everywhere.

QB: You know me, I can’t pass up a deal. When your father started his job nine years ago, they gave discount memberships to the Healthy Living Center. Normally I wouldn’t ever admit this, but they send a yearly update as to how you’re doing. Turns out I’ve gone one time per year, for nine years running.

HB: So the tag on your car for the Healthy Living Center parking lot – thats really just for show.

QB: Well I am supportive. I go in once a year, do a lap around all the workout equipment, get a massage, and then leave.

HB: Its like the politician visiting the homeless shelter every year. Thumbs up in the air – great job everybody, keep up the good work! Nice Mom.

QB: Yeah well, how is that Y membership working out for you?

HB: Great! I go every month for cycle class, so I’m not really sure why that is relevant to this conversation.

QB: You don’t go every month, you go once a month. Once a month. Which means the one cycle class you go to a month is costing $45, per class.

HB: Interesting. Shall we calculate how much you’ve spent on Weight Watchers online memberships?

QB: My brain seizes up from lack of sugar and carbohydrates, and then I can’t remember my password.

HB: But they remember your credit card number.

QB: I’m so enthusiastic about signing up because I’m focused – on looking like Cindy Crawford – that the discount on paying ahead for 3 months online is just too good of a deal to pass up. In fact if you consider how much money I’ve saved by doing this over the years, it really adds up to a lot of money. Its hundreds, maybe even thousands.

HB: But Mom, you still weigh the same.

Random picture found on the Internet – any resemblance to my kitchen and QB’s favorite snack is totally coincidental.

QB: Actually I weigh more, but that is beside the point – tell me about Extreme Bodyshaping, dearest daughter.

HB: The grown-up-fat-lady version of the walk of shame. It was just bad timing, my first term of grad school and a high stress job.

QB: Five in the morning is always bad timing – thats not just the crack of dawn, its the buttcrack of dawn. And six days a week – really? Who does that??

HB: Well I did! For two days.

QB: Well $400 isn’t that much anyway sweetie, I’ve paid more than that for Weight Watchers styrofoam packaged as granola bars.

HB: When I was hobbling to my car after my second 5am workout, I would have paid an additional $400 just to not have to ever go again.

QB: Bummer about that return policy.

HB: Jackasses. Preying on chubby girls with an inflated sense of their own fitness. But that $400 was nothing compared to the therapy I required after the unfortunate issue of mistaken identity.

QB: What are you talking about, mistaken identity?

HB: I was just trying to make myself feel better during the warmup, I decided to pick out someone in the class that was fatter than me. Well I spotted her. She was across the room from me, already sweating like a pig and we were only five minutes into the 55 minute class. I totally felt better – until I realized she was wearing a 2008 Old Navy tshirt, same as me. And the yoga pants with green waistband, same as me. In fact she had the same nose ring too. And earrings. I realized holy frick, I was looking at myself in the mirror!

QB: Oh Honey, its ok. I’ll take you to Walmart and we can look at some really fat people.

HB: And we can pick up some cookies.

QB: Good idea, get in the car!

{And we wonder why we’re fat…}


Did anyone elses Mom say that, or just mine?

TTC has been ok, I got through the two week wait fine, although I think getting my period is all the more depressing when I’ve done six days in a row of negative pregnancy tests. But that’s really fine, its just the rest of my life that’s going crazy! Reorganization with work, graduating from school in less than two months, and some work travel coming up…pretty much the TTC is putting me over the edge!

Because of my straight up bitchiness current stress level Marmot and I talked about it at length this weekend, and decided we’re going to take a break from TTC for a month or two. Time to let me chill out and get through the reorganization at work and graduate from school. The way things are right now are rough and I know there is always stress, and it will never be a perfect time, I really am at the point where I need to back off of something in life, and TTC is the easiest to go.

I’m trying to be positive. Be excited and work on managing the rest of my stress.

Looking back at the Facebook posts made me realize that the one thing I dislike about my life is entirely within my control, and I can’t say that I’ve done anything about it other than ignore it. What is wrong with me?! So I’m hoping to take the time off to lose weight. Crazy when I just said I wanted to de-stress, but this has been on my mind so much while TTC.

Its really hard to look at the Baby Bucket List and see the Get to a Good Weight item not crossed off. It was one of the most important items on there, the one I wanted the most of all of them. Which has made TTC hard because I look in the mirror and cringe. I know that I’ll never look in the mirrow and be perfectly happy, but maybe if I get a few pounds off I won’t look in the mirror and get teary!

Last night on What Not to Wear, the victim was a woman who had ‘taken ownership of her life’ and quit drinking, lost weight, and started spending more time with her kids. I was totally impressed, and loved how she put it- taking ownership of her life. I looked at Marmot and said I need to take ownership of my weight.

He nodded his head and said ‘That’s good sweetie.’ (He’s invested. lol)

Take ownership of my weight. Destress. And start the TTC thing again in a month or two.

So yeah, that’s the plan. But who is Stan?

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I won’t give day by day updates all the time (I promise!) but I wanted to put this out there for anyone who has considered Meridia, and wondered what it would be like. It doesn’t work the same on everyone, but I’ve never talked with someone whose been on the medication before and wish someone would have talked about it!

So I’ve been on Meridia for two days. I really thought that it would take a few days to start feeling any effect, but I was wrong!

Day One: I had a yogurt for breakfast and took my pills (Meridia, multivitamin, vitamin D, and calcium) and went to work. Had a bowl of cut fruit and a pastry at a class, and by lunch I wasn’t hungry but didn’t have a full feeling. For lunch, I had a salad. I got about 1/3 of the way through and all of a sudden had a feeling of being way full. Being the smart one that I am, I ate another third of the salad and then realized that I was full to the point of nausea. Good move there Honey! So in an afternoon class (can you tell it was class day? why do they always serve snacks?!) I had a small bag of Doritos. I ate them fast because we only had a five minute break- but then spent the rest of the class feeling like I was going to be sick. I was dealing with throw-up burps (you know the kind) and really was thinking I might see the chips again. Gross! So when I got home, Marmot announced that he wanted sushi to celebrate his new job. I had just gotten rid of the nausea, but I love sushi! So I ate sushi. And I paid for it, by sweating, feeling incredibly nauseated, and having throw-up burps for the rest of the night. Thus why I’ve termed it the pharmaceutical gastric bypass, because I eat a (relatively) small amount and feel gaggy.

Day Two: I started out at 6am with a yogurt and my pills. Still felt a little burpy. Ok, but just not going to eat. Around 10:30 I realized I was hungry- slight heartburn, and empty growly stomach- so I ate a single serve of Green Giant Niblets corn. For lunch, Marmot wanted McDonald’s so I got a Happy Meal. I ate my four pieces of McNuggets and half of the small fry, and felt full but not sick. An hour later I finished the fry. Two hours later, I had a 1/4 cup of vanilla ice cream. I had dinner (stir-fry with rice) and a glass of milk, so I’m sitting at 1,173 calories according to SparkPeople. Not bad! I’m going to have something for dessert later tonight, and if all goes well, I’ll end the night under 1500 calories. Right on target!

I’ll be weighing once a week (on Thursdays) and doing monthly measurements. Fingers crossed that it pays off!

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The item with the biggest lack of progress on the Baby Bucket List is, sadly, my weight. This has been an issue for me, in one way or another, for over a decade! After a depressing look over my weight fluctuations and what my successes and failures have been, I decided its time to bring in the big guns. I talked to my primary care doctor, and she gave me a referral to the Department of Endocrinology. Not just for thyroid issues, Endocrinology (at least in our health system) also acts as a primary care for weight related issues.

So, I have my own Dr. H! I met with him last week, and we worked out a weight loss plan for me. He went over my weight loss history, and said that I actually do really well when I try to lose weight, and we just need to see how to keep it going. It fits in with my ongoing joke that I probably have a killer metabolism, and this is just the best its been able to do to keep up! I’m getting labs and a metabolism test to see if that is indeed the case.

My Dr. H’s philosophy is that there are five rungs in the weight loss ladder- food modification, physical activity, psychological counseling, medication, and bariatric surgery. Based on my history, he felt comfortable getting me started on four rungs!

Food Modification: I’m meeting with a dietician, Rose, once a month to look at broadened food choices, my food journal, awareness of hunger signals, and awareness of full signals. During my first visit, she went over some of the things like eating until fullness, and she said “I’m telling you the simple things not because I think you don’t know these things, but because they are simple enough to start right now.” I’ll meet with Rose once a month to check my progress. The cool thing is that Rose also works in OB for nutrition during pregnancy, so she can follow me all the way through the initial weight loss stage, but then even after I do get pregnant!

Physical Activity: Dr. H said he wants me to do an hour a day, 4 days a week. He doesn’t care what I do, as long as it raises my heartrate.  He doesn’t recommend anything specific because one persons perfect activity as another person’s torture. Find something I can tolerate, and do it. The company gym does have trainers for periodic visits, but he said becoming a gym rat isn’t the goal and he’d prefer I find something I can do without a gym.

Psychological Counseling: Due to my eating disorder history and the fact that I slip into some of those patterns pretty quickly, I get to see a psychologist once a week. I figure if I run out of food and weight stuff to talk about, I can just talk about my Mom! {Just kidding Mom!}

Medication: I went on Xenical (the prescription form of Alli) years ago, and dang near shit my pants after eating sweet and sour shrimp in San Francisco. Due to my past experience, I was a little leary when he mentioned medication- however, Meridia sounded reasonable to me. It was originally an anti-depressant but didn’t actually make anyone feel better- but they saw appetite suppression, everyone lost weight! While for some it does have some anti-depressant capabilities (fingers crossed- hah!), Dr. H said that he’s seen good successes with it as a weight-loss tool. He also said that the concerns about cardiac issues have been shown to be minimal in someone without cardiac history, although I am to monitor my blood pressure twice weekly. So I filled my prescription, and started it yesterday! {Update just on Meridia coming in the next few days, but let me just say, I’m calling it a pharmaceutical gastric bypass!}

I will see Dr. H every three months to check progress and get repeat labs, and modify my plan as needed. Although sometimes I think this is overkill, I also see that what I’ve done on my own simply hasn’t worked! I’m hoping the increased accountability and the medication will give me the kick in the ass I’ve needed! I’ve logged my starting weight, blood pressure, and measurements. Stay tuned!

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Working towards the elusive Reach a Good Weight goal…

Walking 2+ miles every day this past week…

Maintaining my calorie intake within the suggested range (based on Harris-Benedict)…

Drinking eight glasses of water a day…

Eating eight servings of fruits and veggies a day…


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And in Weight Watchers news….week one, on the books! I wanted to go on Tuesdays (more meeting options, and its a light workday for me) so even though I started on Friday, I went and weighed in yesterday- and I was down 1.4lbs! I know its the initial week big loss, but I was thrilled because it was only four days. I don’t feel deprived, and I honestly had to stuff myself to get my points in for the day yesterday.

The leader went over how we take care of ourselves. It was a really good topic, and I started thinking about the new things I’ve started doing for myself- taking a multivitamin, cutting down on caffeine, trying to get more physical activity- but all of those things came from the Baby Bucket List, and not because I wanted to take care of myself. I realized that I need to prioritize taking care of myself, because by doing that I can be a better wife, a better employee, and a happier person- not just because I want to be a mom someday. I’ll have less time in the future to take care of myself, I need to take advantage of it now and get those habits solidly in place.

We expect 110% out of ourselves all the time, its like there is some female trait that emphasizes perfection and makes us accept nothing less from ourselves. And yet, I know that I don’t even keep with the basics of keeping my body healthy and happy, which would make the 110% that I expect a feasibility. So, back to my New Year’s Resolutions! Those were the things that I resolved to do this year, and they were about making my life that much better- taking care of myself.

What are the things you make a point of doing to take care of yourself? And if you don’t have something you do regularly, what would you like to do for yourself?

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Well, we have a rerun. My attempts at dieting since January 1st with my New Year’s Resolutions have resulted in a 7lb weight gain. Resolution big fat f-ing fail. lol

So I once again, walked my butt into the local Weight Watcher’s center. I got in the door and paused, and I seriously couldn’t help myself, did a big huge sigh. I’m baaaaaack!

The leader said welcome back, gave me a hug, and said she was so glad to see me! I’m preferring to think of that as she’s glad I’m back, as opposed to my god you need a meeting chunky. She’s sweet, so we’ll go with the first thought.

I did the sign-up, got my gear (water bottle and materials) and I’m ready to go. I weighed. And since it was the first weigh-in I didn’t do my normal routine, which is not eat, #1 and #2 before I leave the house, and right before the actual weigh-in, I strip down to the least amount of clothing that is socially acceptable. This time I left most of my clothing on (they said I had to take off my sunglasses, pager, shoes and winter coat) but otherwise I pretty much wanted to be fat this week. Which is weird, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

The weigh-in was as bad as I thought. Ok, it was worse. But lets be honest here, one day last week I wasn’t even at work long enough to have lunch before I blew the zipper out of a pair of dress pants. Nothing like needing to stock safety pins in your desk for fat-ass-related wardrobe malfunctions to motivate you.

But you know, I’m actually pretty excited? I saw someone get a Lifetime charm. I’d never paid attention to those before, but I want one. I want the 10% keychain. I want the charms. I want to see my goal. And I want to be skinny and cute when I get pregnant, as opposed to even at seven or eight months still looking like a fat lady after a trip to the buffet. Yay for the Baby Bucket List!

Anyone else restarting their New Year’s resolutions?

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Ah yes, the New Year’s Resolutions. The blogosphere is positively brimming with them!

Some are really genuine. Like I love the getting pregnant resolutions. I’m partial to them, mostly out of jealousy. And the losing weight ones, mostly because its nice to know others are in the same boat, and are recycling the weight loss resolution from last year.

Others are enough to make you retch. Peace on earth, goodwill towards all mankind. Gag me. Its like saying actually yes, I’m skinny and perfect, and I have great finances and angelic children, no resolutions for me thanks!

Well let me tell you, I have issues resolutions. I’m fat, need to whip the budget into shape, drink a lot less caffeine, break my addiction to Excedrin headache, and have a ton of things on the Baby Bucket List to accomplish. Oh yeah, I got LOTS of issues resolutions! And without further ado, I present my resolutions.

Lose Weight! Yessss I’m recycling my resolution from last year. I’m being green! I spent a solid year of obsessing about and planning for and bitching about losing weight. As of today, I am 14 pounds less than I was on January 1st, 2009. Progress, yes! But not worth the amount of misery I went through, and at the rate I’m going I’ll be at my goal weight by 2016. Unacceptable. This year will see me reach my goal weight through the following interventions:

  • Get going with the yoga. Fibro makes exercise a lot harder this year than last, so I’m starting out with a reasonable goal, building up the yoga habit. I did yoga infrequently a few years ago and loved it, so I’ve ordered a new yoga DVD (BL’s Weight Loss Yoga!) and have a few more on the Netflix queue. The goal is to do a yoga DVD three times a week.
  • Follow my diet. My diet is miserable (what diet isn’t though, seriously) but its pretty simple. Reduced calorie, reduced fat. When I stick to it I get good results. Last year I employed a decent schedule of on for six weeks, off for six weeks, and was able to maintain the losses during the off weeks. The problem? I only did two six-week rounds of being ON the diet. If I do it consistently, I could reach my goal by January 1st, 2011. My goal is to get into a consistent six weeks on, six weeks off pattern for the year.

Baby Bucket List! Now this blog is dedicated to my BBL, but 2010 is the year that it’s going to really happen. I have three things on the list before we are TTC that are within my control, and here’s how I’m going to get them done:

  • Finish my Degree. Oh yeah baby. This one is in the works, and my expected graduation is November 2010, if I stick to it and CLEP out of the humanities portion. Totally do-able. The goal is to graduate in 2010!
  • Credit Card #1 Paid Off. We’ve chipped away at it since paying off the truck, but I want it DONE and be able to start snowballing towards getting Credit Card #2 Paid Off. The goal is to get #1 paid off and make progress on #2!
  • Buy a House. Marmot and I have been house shopping for about six months, but haven’t taken the plunge after a house-offer-gone-wrong last year. Our lease is up in June, so if we are indeed going to move in June we need to take some serious steps, get another pre-approval letter from the mortgage guy and start looking at houses. The goal is to close on a house by June 30, 2010!
  • Operation Baby + Honey! A subset of the BBL! I love working on this, but I’ve got work to do with the following:
    • Keep the caffeine under 200mg. I’m getting better, its less than 500mg a day now…but I need to continue dropping it down a little bit every week. The goal is to have my caffeine intake at 200mg or less by March 15th, 2010.
    • Stop taking ibuprofen on a daily basis, and only take Tylenol as needed. I have removed the ibuprofen from my office entirely, and have replaced it wth Tylenol. The goal is to be completely off ibuprofen by February 1st, 2010.
    • Daily prenatal vitamin consumption. Have a lot of room to go with the prenatals (I average three a week?) but I’m going to set up my two separate vitamin stations (at my office, and at home) and stick to it! The goal is to log 30 consecutive days in a row of taking my prenatal vitamins!
    • Better tracking. I’m sort of good about getting my temperature, but really bad about getting it at the right time. I would like to start charting more thoroughly (stress, etc.) to see if I can figure out why I will occasionally have 35 day cycles amongst the 27-28 days cycles? The goal is to have daily temperatures and accurate daily charting for the next three cycles!

Going Green! I’ve never been good at this. I always joke that I’m a Republican, so its against my politics to be green (I’m totally kidding, seriously). But I know I can build on some of the changes I made last year, through the following:

  • Truly embrace my aversion to plastic bags, and get my own set of fit-in-the-purse reusable bags. I have a set of bags I’m deliberating over, I need to buy them and start!
  • Never again buy a bottle of water in a non-recyclable container. I’m pretty good about that anyway, but its time to get serious. No more non-recyclables starting today!
  • Have at least 50% of my cleaning products be green/organic. I have a set of Nellie’s Dryer Balls en route (thank you Amazon!) and a few ideas for products I’d like to try. By March, I’d like to have at least 50% of my cleaning products be green/organic!

So that is my list. And I’m actually looking forward to it, a year of positive changes! And I was seriously kidding about not going green because I’m a Republican. I promise!

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Looking for the giveaway! Its right here!

Well, I did the Firm DVD. Gold star for me! I remembered once again why I make Marmot go upstairs when I do a workout. The amount of grunting, sweating, cursing and farting is pretty bad. Note to self, this is why you are not cut out for group fitness activities! 

But the highlight of the evening was announcing that I was going to do the DVD, and being asked by {skinny} sister Ginger if I was going to watch the DVD, or actually get up and do the workout. Marmot laughed so hard I thought he was going to fall off his chair.

{Confession: I’ve watched a DVD from the couch before. Just to, you know, check it out and see if I could do the choreography}.

The supportive duo were eating McDonald’s. Which I succumbed to. Today’s tally is one gold star for exercise, and one gold star for water. One day down, and twenty to go. While working out I was totally imagining myself doing the workouts while pregnant. lol

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